We Care

It is a special kind of person who is willing to put others before themselves … to take risks and make sacrifices for the benefit of their community. We are fortunate at Saint Agnes to have an entire team of special people, and when we needed you most during these past two years, you stepped up.

As a way to express our love and appreciation for you, we’ve invited members of the community to share positive stories of their experiences at Saint Agnes and, most importantly, their meaningful interactions with you! Here’s what they have to say:

“Thank you to all our hard working volunteers!”

“I was so touched. I gave Christopher a huge hug and walked into the room with a smile on my face and heart filled with kindness. My family and I will forever by grateful for his impeccable kindness. He is an incredible person, employee and human being.”

“Best hospital in Fresno. The staff really make you feel like you’re a human being and not just an insurance number.”

“Thank you for all you do to serve patients & the community.”

“We Love all three of these St. Raphael recipients! They truly make our day in the One Main Café! I cannot express my gratitude to Josephine who has helped us so so many times. We love seeing Dr. Young and Tina on a daily basis.”

“I retired from Saint Agnes in 2018. SAMC employees are the very best people I ever worked with. Congratulations to all of the recipients of the St. Raphael pendant.”

“Wonderful staff and hospital!”

“Love the hardworking friendly Patient Access family. Special mention for Mai, Pauline, Anthony and Shawn who are always happy to help anyone in times where their expertise was needed. Kudos to the whole team!”

“A cancer fight is a team effort. Saint Agnes helped us, along with an army of friends and family. We are forever grateful.”

“My Mother was brought to the ER and found out that she had a massive stroke. Per her wishes, we opted for comfort care. The nurse Nikki was the greatest and explained things while supporting us as she cared for my mom. Mom was then transferred to room 520. Her nurses Tadala and Patrick were so supportive, caring and informative, and Beth the Hospice nurse helped us prepare for what to expect. A couple of days later, a housekeeper prayed with my Father, which greatly helped him. From the doctors to the entry person, we were treated with compassion and professionalism. I work at another hospital in Fresno, and I’m so happy to know first-hand that SAMC has excellent staff and volunteers, too! My family and I appreciate all the wonderful care my mom received over her stay.”

“Congratulations to all the nominees and Dr. Arab from the providers at South Valley Vascular!”

“Yay! Congratulations Dr. Arab! You’re the best!”

“Thank you to all the Doctors for their care of all the patients ❤️”

“Ashley Henderson, RN, saw a need for our long-term antepartum patients, so she created the Perinatal Mental Health Program. She teamed up with Physical Therapy, Social Services, Spiritual Care and Valley Children’s neonatal staff to help moms suffering from sadness, loneliness and even depression. She needs to be recognized for her compassion and forward thinking.”

“Yes, this Hospital has excellent service all over.” 

“This hospital Fourth floor has best nurses.”

“Thank you all so much for your hard work and dedication. 😊❤️😊”

“We have the BEST social workers! Thank you all for what you do!”

“It is such a blessing to have you remember those we have lost. I give thanks for all you as a staff have done and continue to do to for COVID patients. My prayers of thanksgiving for each of you are with you and will continue.”

“Robert Milanes maintains a high standard of care for all his surgery patients. Recently, he discovered that one of his surgical patients was 14 weeks pregnant. Rather than push forward with the surgery, he insisted that the surgeon perform a fetal tone assessment to keep baby and mom safe. There is no doubt that Robert helps maintain safety at all times for all his patients.”

“John Glougie was called in on his day off – missing his son’s first football game – to help administer 6 stress tests for patients so they wouldn’t have to stay in the hospital longer. He is always professional, kind and considerate to his patients. He only speaks to them with the utmost respect. He is always a joy to work with.”

“So much gratitude for all the physicians and staff who have cared for patients with COVID-19.”

“Ongoing blessings/healing energy for SAMC’s Spiritual Care Team.”

“Your nurses are some of the best! I had emergency surgery in 2016. I told my nurse I was scared, and she held my hand the entire time until I was fully asleep for my surgery. That really meant a lot to me.” 

“Unexpectedly, I found myself in the Emergency Department to accompany my husband, who was experiencing a medical issue. I was ill-prepared for the cooler temperatures inside the hospital, as I was dressed lightly due to the warm summer weather. An ER nurse noticed my discomfort and placed a heated blanket over my shoulders. I want to thank that kind and conscientious nurse for providing me with the warm comfort I needed at that moment. Keep up the outstanding work Saint Agnes team, as our community is truly grateful!” 

“I found out I was in AFib and had heart failure. My heart was barely pumping! When I had surgery, someone from the Cardiac Rehab visited me and gave me info about the program. I jumped at the chance to take advantage of the program and a year later my heart was pumping normally and the muscle had repaired. I continued attending until the COVID-19 shutdown. It set me on a path to continue moving my body for my health.”

“Cardiovascular Consultants (CVC) appreciates you all at Cardiac Rehab. Our patients speak so highly of you all. Amazing work!!!”

“So proud to have worked at Saint Agnes for 13 years before I moved to Southern California. Loved my time at Saint Agnes! Precious team, precious memories!”

“Can I just say how amazing Josie is from Spiritual Care? She has been the reason, on numerous occasions, that I have survived my shifts. She is nothing less than incredible. She is not only there for the patients and staff, but also for the families. She has assisted the ICU with so many difficult situations. I could never thank her enough.”

“When my aunt was at Saint Agnes after breaking her hip, the nurses and doctors were excellent and did very well at keeping me updated about her care and progress. The whole staff went beyond the call of duty and I know my aunt was a difficult patient. She was uncooperative, at times verbally abusive and often angry… but honestly, the nurses gave her kind and excellent care and I appreciate that so very much! MANY KUDOS to the nurses who cared for her. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!”