TAKE ACTION: Urge Congress to improve affordable health care

August 10, 2022 // SAMC

Our physicians, nurses, community health workers and administrators are working hard to improve patient care outcomes and make care more affordable and accessible for all. New payment models, that reimburse providers accepting accountability for their patients’ total cost of care, are critical to keeping costs down. Our work in value-based care reflects this success.

We are building clinically integrated networks, expanding TogetherCare to provide patients and providers access to comprehensive medical records, investing in housing and healthy food programs, creating new partnerships to address pharmaceutical costs and shortages and to help researchers find cures faster, and innovating with virtual nursing. We are ready to accept total accountability of caring for our patients. Unfortunately, health insurers and the government are dragging their feet.

Now is the time for Congress to expedite the shift to new payment models. Learn more and then let your members of Congress know ensuring affordable, high-value health care for all is a priority.

Your time is valuable! You’re busy caring for patients and serving our communities. You can Take Action in less than two minutes, simply follow the link, type in your home address and hit submit. The process is quick, secure, confidential and effective.

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