Safety Survey extended

March 9, 2015 // SAMC

Have you taken the Security Survey yet? If not, you still have time. We’ve extended the deadline to March 15, making sure you have enough time to give feedback. For those who experienced difficulties accessing the survey before, we have since resolved the vendor issue.

So, please keep the feedback coming by taking our online 2015 Security Survey at:

Your input is greatly appreciated!

Security and Safety Task Force accomplishments based on our feedback:

  • Held De-escalation Workshop and “Handle With Care” centered around 5150 population
  • Enhanced relationship with Fresno Police Department – now sitting on neighborhood policing committee
  • “Hardened” outer buildings for security and safety by:
    • Improving parking lot lighting
    • Identifying unsecured doors
    • Window shades for privacy
    • Video surveillance
  • Implemented soft restraints and other de-escalation techniques
  • Conducted Code Gray “learnings” with colleagues
  • Created ED Lockdown scripting for our patients and visitors
  • Changed Code Silver overhead announcement to include “plain language” Active Shooter and the location
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