Remembering those we loved and lost to COVID-19

November 11, 2021 // SAMC

On the one-year anniversary of our first COVID patient, we held a memorial event, Hope and Healing, to honor the colleagues, loved ones and patients we had lost during the pandemic. A piece of artwork from our Saint John’s Bible was unveiled during the event and is now permanently installed at the entrance of the Christ the Healer Chapel.

The piece is called Jacob’s Ladder and it evokes the wonder of Jacob’s dream about angels ascending and descending a ladder that reached from earth to heaven. According to the Bible, in that moment when heaven and earth were briefly joined, Jacob realized his special relationship with God. The quotation along the bottom, which can be linked with words from the preceding verse—”Surely God is in this place”—refers to Jacob’s powerful and moving experience. Alongside the framed art is a plaque that reads: To those we loved and lost during the COVID pandemic.

We hope as you view the artwork, you are reminded of the importance of the sacred work you do each and every day. You are a blessing!



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