Let’s remember our Pledge

November 11, 2020 // SAMC

We’re tired. We’re frustrated. We could all use a break.

We know how hard this year has been for you as colleagues of a medical facility, as parents, as grandparents, as friends, as individuals. Despite exhaustion and uncertainty, you continue to show up to care for our patients every day, and for that we cannot thank you enough.

As we head into the holiday season, and the weather cools, many of us are reminded of happier times. Trust us, we all want to get back to those days. But we can’t do that if we aren’t doing our part to protect our patients, each other and our community.

To keep everyone safe, it’s crucial to continue practicing diligent mask wearing on campus and in the community, physically distancing from those who don’t live in your household and washing your hands frequently.

It takes all of us to keep COVID-19 cases low in our community, so remember your Pledge to Protect. Even when you’re fed-up. Even when your stomach is tied in knots. We all made a promise to our community. Now it’s time to keep it.

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