Honoring our veterans

November 11, 2021 // SAMC

In recognition of Veterans Day, we extend deep gratitude to our veterans for their brave and selfless service to our country. We offer our heartfelt thanks to every colleague, physician, nurse, and patient who has ever worn the uniform of our country – or other countries. Thank you for answering the call of duty. Thank you for your gallant courage. Thank you for the extraordinary sacrifices you and your families have made on our behalf in the name of freedom, liberty, and peace.

Veterans Day offers us the opportunity to honor those who put their lives on the line for fellow Americans. It’s a day to remember and renew our commitments to these brave men and women – to show appreciation for our soldiers, sailors, airmen, marines, and guardsmen.

As we pay tribute to these heroic individuals, to our colleagues who are veterans, and to all colleagues whose families include veterans, let us also renew our commitment to them by continuing to support and promote our Military and Veterans Health Program. We want our nation’s veterans to feel honored, understood, and valued here. We want to serve those who have served us. So remember when you see a patient wearing one of our Milvet armbands or a colleague with a Milvet badge holder, to pause and offer your gratitude for their service.

If you’re a veteran and have not already done so, please identify your military status in Workday using this job aid. Also, if you never received a Milvet badge holder, please email information@samc.com. Be sure to provide your department’s Mail Stop so we can interoffice one to you.

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