Honoring a career of service and compassion

October 13, 2021 // SAMC

Last month, Ivonne Der Torosian, Vice President of Community Health & Well-Being, was recognized by the Marjaree Mason Center (MMC) as one of the Top Ten Professional Women and Leading Business honorees for 2021. Ivonne and her class of honorees will be recognized at MMC’s annual event on Thursday, October 14. Please join us in congratulating Ivonne on this impressive and meaningful honor.

Earlier this month, Ivonne sat down with MMC to discuss her life and career thus far:

“Life will show you a path and you have to trust in yourself. There’s a reason why opportunities are presented.”

Those words from Ivonne Der Torosian encapsulate one of the reasons why she is able to positively impact many in the Central Valley, especially supporting healthcare needs for those in rural and underserved areas of Fresno County.

Der Torosian began her professional journey at 23 with her dream job at an airline company and traveled the world. She ended up in Fresno after meeting Dan, who would become her biggest supporter – and husband, in Southern California. He was from Madera, which led her to the Central Valley.

She found work in the hospitality industry and later worked for Kaiser Permanente and in consulting. Over time, she realized the importance of to serving her community.

At Saint Agnes Medical Center – as the VP for Community Health & Well-being – Der Torosian remains focused on helping those who need social services with the Saint Agnes Health Hub and countless initiatives, which have been invaluable in administering COVID-19 vaccines to farmworkers and their families in rural Fresno and supporting youth and adult healthcare.

“Do what you do, do what you love and you always feel fulfilled,” Der Torosian shared.

The daughter of immigrants from Mexico, Der Torosian’s father, Antonio, could sell anything and mom, Teresa, loved to learn, while her husband supported her career. “There was no ego for him,” Der Torosian said of her late husband. “It didn’t matter what job I had. He was not threatened and it made it so easy to do my job.”

While life’s path winds, the trust in oneself and the village that supports them as Der Torosian has done, intentionally provides a guide for how service, care and faith leave a lasting legacy.

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