Complete your CAT

January 6, 2017 // SAMC

It’s time once again for all colleagues to complete their Continuous Annual Training (CAT). The CAT curriculum is made up of several courses (i.e., Safety & Security, Emergency Preparedness, etc.). You must complete each course and pass its post-test with a score of 80% or higher. Following the same format from last year, you will have the option to take a pre-test prior to each course. If you pass the pre-test with 100%, you will not have to take the full course.

Your CAT must be completed by Tuesday, February 28.

You can access CAT through HealthStream. Click here to view a “Quick Guide” for log-in assistance.

**New this year, to log in to HealthStream, you no longer have to add “SAMC” as the prefix to your user ID.  For example, if you normally login with “SAMC123456,” your new login will be just “123456.” Now, your employee ID number is both your user ID and password.

For assistance with your HealthStream account, or if you have questions about your CAT, please email

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