Join us for a Virtual Town Hall

August 12, 2020 // Coronavirus

Thank you to those of you who were able to join the first Virtual Town Hall on July 29. We had a great discussion led by our Leadership Team and answered some of your biggest COVID-19 questions. Since we won’t be able to meet in person for many months, we are going to continue our Virtual Town Hall series. The next Town Hall is Thursday, August 20, starting at 10:30 a.m.

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Wear your Pledge!

August 12, 2020 // Pledge to Protect

As part of our continued efforts to slow the spread of COVID-19, we developed the Pledge to Protect as a way for our colleagues, providers and community members to promise to care for the Central Valley. Now, you can take the pledge by wearing one of our limited-edition Pledge to Protect masks! Over the next couple of weeks, we’ll be setting up designated pick-up times and locations for colleagues to come and sign the pledge and pick up their masks. Stay tuned for more details coming very soon!

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Meet the newest class of Nurse Residency graduates

August 12, 2020 // Kudos

On Friday, August 7, 26 nurses graduated from the Saint Agnes Nurse Residency Program! The 12th Cohort presented their final projects to leaders from their units and Nursing Education team before receiving their certificates of completion. We’re so proud of all of these new nurses and can’t wait to see what amazing work they will do for our patients. Take a few minutes to watch their presentations and hear some of their ideas on how to make patient care more effective and efficient.

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VIDEO: Fresno State Athletics donates masks

August 12, 2020 // Pledge to Protect, Saint Agnes in the Community

Some of you may have seen TimeOut around the Medical Center on Friday taking photos with our recent nurse residency graduates and Leadership Team. As part of their Pledge to Protect, Fresno State Athletics donated 100 masks to Saint Agnes made from unlicensed Fresno State T-shirts. A huge thanks to Fresno State Athletics for their partnership and commitment to keeping our community safe. Take a few moments to check out this video they put together from their visit.

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Trinity Health Pledges to Protect

August 12, 2020 // Pledge to Protect

Health Ministries across the Trinity Health System are taking the Pledge to Protect! We designed the Pledge to be customizable for each hospital in our system so they could make the pledge personal for their communities. Thank you to each of you for being the forerunners of this nationwide campaign. We’re very proud of your commitment to Saint Agnes and our community. Keep wearing your mask, physically distancing and washing your hands!

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SAMC ID Badge required to enter West Wing

August 12, 2020 // Around the Medical Center

For the safety of our colleagues and providers, new security gates have been installed at key entries around the campus. The gates prevent unauthorized individuals from entering the hospital, which benefits all of us. However, they do require some colleagues to use an entrance different from what they’re used to. This is especially true for colleagues and providers arriving to work through the West Wing. Instead of using the side entrance, they must now come through the automated double doors, where endo and surgical patients are registered. Since our registration colleagues are required to screen all patients/visitors who come through the West Wing, it is IMPERATIVE that our colleagues and providers WEAR THEIR SAMC ID BADGE upon entry.

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Multi-factor Authentication required for Workday off-site

August 12, 2020 // News to Use

Trinity Health is enabling new technology for Workday access when outside of the Trinity Health network to help protect your sensitive information, effective Sept. 10. The technology, known as multi-factor authentication (MFA), will verify your identity when you access the Workday application off network, such as while on your cell phone or personal computer. This update helps protect against unauthorized access to your account and the private data it contains. Once MFA is set up, each time you log into Workday from outside the Trinity Health network, you will be required to respond to MFA to confirm your identity.

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New security gates installed

August 6, 2020 // News to Use

For your safety and the protection of our colleagues and providers, new security gates have been installed around the campus to prevent unauthorized individuals from entering the hospital. The attached map illustrates where the gates are located and the alternative points of entry. Thank you for your cooperation!

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Fresno State Athletics and ANA of California Pledge to Protect

August 6, 2020 // Coronavirus, Pledge to Protect

We’re blown away by the amount of support we’ve received in the two weeks since we launched the Pledge to Protect. Thank you to those of you who have taken the pledge by signing our pledge poster (located in Cyber Café and The Plaza lobby) and sending us your photos! Look who’s joining Saint Agnes in taking the Pledge to Protect! Both the American Nurses Association of California and Fresno State Athletics have joined together with us to spread the word. Only together, will we stop the spread of COVID-19 and keep our Valley safe.

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Saint Agnes named Antimicrobial Stewardship Center of Excellence

August 6, 2020 // Awards

Saint Agnes has been awarded the designation of Antimicrobial Stewardship Center of Excellence by the Infectious Diseases Society of America (IDSA). Saint Agnes earned this distinction by creating stewardship a program led by ID-trained physicians and pharmacists that advances science in Antimicrobial Resistance and has achieved standards aligned with evidence-based national guidelines such as the IDSA-SHEA guidelines and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s Core Elements. Saint Agnes is one of only 101 programs nationwide to have received the designation since the program’s launch in 2017. Congratulations to the entire Pharmacy department on your hard work and well-deserved recognition!

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